Your heart is the best thing that you carry…

A piece of messy flesh?

Now its your everything…!

Everything man….!!!!

Its the room in which at the same time you’re saving lies and the tears are rolling over your cheeks…isn’t it?

Yeah..absolutely it is..

As a matter of fact, its not only our organ but its our secret box where all of our secrets are hidden, where all of our anger, happiness,anxiety and rest of feelings stay….

Its not your chuddy buddy but all time your listener,your mate, your advisor,your protector ..

It is always with you man.. no matter how much you’re sad or happy or under any of the kinda feelings..

So don’t always lament over the misseries that you face in you’re life because it is the only one who is with you in your ups and downs.. Not even Brain is with us in many circumstances but the Heart really really do that …

So find some time to listen to your HEART…


Social relations..

What really i got.. about it??

I used insta for about 5 months.. i got nearly hundreds of requests and also dms..

I accepted only one request from a stranger named “dua sadiq” from islamabad..

She is a very good girl.. i talked to her many times and luckily she is my age fellow then definitely of same class.. I don’t know why i removed her from my followers since 2 months.. then she requested again and i have accepted her follow request..

The point is that..

Whats that lurking fear who doesn’t enable me to accepted requests from strangers.. is that some senerio of being threatened by my photos, personal information or whatever..

Besides this all i got many friends..

Yeah insta friends including both males and females..

I’ve also recieved many cheap stuff or some fuc**** comments, compliments regarding me, my dp or my profile..

But i didn’t get annoyed cause i know this media is full of such people.. peoples mentality is just ——-***..

So.. during this period i’ve come to know many facts which i ever not know before..

So its a source of information but at the same time also full of hiluminating contents..

In the name of #freedomofspeech people are fucking over social media..

Problem which i faced is:

Man, my parents will never allow me to talk to strangers, do friendship with them.. so why am doing so..

Am clearly saying, its our need now a days.. to build social relations.. but without crossing our boundaries..

So.. by writting this blog i atleast satisified my mind that social relations aren’t bad if we just limitize our self b/w good and bad..

GOALS~will fulfill your desires..

Goals & Desires are relative in a sense..

Yes i was thinking that these are relative to each other in a sense.. In such a way that you have goals and you work for them.. ultimately on the other side when you achieve them.. your desires also become fulfill..

Having Great goals is a step toward the fulfilling of our desires..

I have goals like;

  • Becoming a Doctor infact a specialist
  • Becoming a painter
  • Becoming a writer
  • Becoming a photographer

These all are also my desires but i’ve to take initial steps first that are

  • Achieving good grades in my intermediate
  • Practicing sketches, paintings
  • Writing from stanzas to eassays

Becoming a photographer..

I think it’ll gonna be possible when i achieve all my other desires..

Because its expensive taste..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

But Insha Allah it’ll gonna be fulfill one day..

Becoming a writer:

My one of the earlier wish to become a motivational writer.. Although i also want to write about our social issues, love and relations..

And from now am trying to do that.. Now its much imperfessional but by writing daily or weekly i’ll become much better in it..

And i am gonna continue it with all other things..

Becoming a painter;

My most favourite field.. I mean am just passionate about it.. i love colours.. i feel good with my colours, papers, sketch books and other art requirements..

Not only painting and sketching i also love to do creativity.. but am much poor in it now.. but still am trying to practice more and want to become expert..


Becoming a specialist:

Yipppeeee.. my one of my most hardest goal..

Becoming a doctor first and then a specialist.. All of my hardwork of life is for that.. i’ve to concentrate more on my studies for this..

This is the reason who made me to wake up in the morning quickly, to work hardly for achieving good grades..All the hopes of my parents are for this goal..

And Insha Allah after some years i’ve i’ll become a most famous doctor of time.. but let me clear one important thing that. I don’t only want a degree.. all i want to become a trustable person with which people don’t hesitate to explain their problems and i’ll do my best for them..

When i work for my goals all my wishes and desires of having a good life style, resources etc become true..


Introverted i’s..

Lack of confidence..

You don’t have self_esteem..

Don’t have guts to face others..

All the above statements were a part of my life.. I say “were”.. i mean not now..

It was really a bullshit for me.. i was introverted..

I was shy in front of all.. just because i didn’t want to expose me..

Shyness.. omg.. it was just loaded over my nerves..

Yup.. was much disgusting for me.. i felt much awkward infront of a gathering..

My whole family especially my mother always made me realized that i’ve to boast my confidence level..

I was used to the statement that “you have lack of confidence” (ye tw sharmaati buhat hai, tehreem mein confidence hai per is mein nahi).. i always had been compared with my elder sister..

Nobody ever understand that its shyness and its natural..

I just didn’t want to get expose in front of anyone.. cause i know better that what to do..

All the people around me always pointed me for that..

My male teachers also pointed the same thing..

Then i decided to boast it up..

Earlier i just tried to went my coaching centre myself.. (before that i always had been hasitated from the people on the way)

I tried to ask questions from teachers before which i’d always been confused..

I tried to face the situations like “How to deal with shopkeepers, public transport’s drivers..
And that really worked..

The best thing were that i already know the shortcomings which i’ld gonna to face.. so i tried best to deal with them all..

Yeah.. in the present am as such confident,bold,state forward and brave..

Now i say whats on my mind..

I don’t get hesitated or confused from any situation..

Now i ask questions from my teachers about what i don’t get..

I talk to my parents clearly..

One twist is this.. am much state forward now and not everyone likes it and yes ofcourse not everyone matters..

The life become much easier.. Still am trying to let it increase..


Friendship~something unconditional..β™‘β™‘β™‘β€’

Yup..guys am here with my new topic..

Let me tell you one thing that:

Friends are the persons you never feel angry for, you never mind any little silly stupid things of that fools.. Just your love, care and emotions for them is unconditional..

Now am going to discuss the catagories of friends in my point of view..

So lets start:

Friends ever after;

You may call them your #soulmates..

Yup you just have no any a little bit moment without them..

You are partners in crime..β˜†

You are secret keepers..●

You are everything to each other..

Yup… unluckily i don’t have a such person.. every person i thought that she’s my #bae is just my thinking.. they people have not enough time to share there moments with me…

Ok no problem.. their life,their choice..

Live happily.. with anyone they want to be with..

Unexpected ones ♧:

Yup… i also have some most loyal persons in my life.. but tbh i am not at liberty to be friend with them anymore..

But all the moments and my silly stupid things i’ve share with them are just makes me smile whenever i remember them.. just wow..❀❀

I mean whenever i got a text from such people.. it ultimately makes me smile.. yeah some nicer people..

But also sad i am to be not with that loyal people.. who deserve much more..

But my well wishes are always with them…

They people and their talks are just as


And also now i am thinking i’m gonna to make new friends…

Why not let the persons go who want to go..

Yup… no more force..

Let the door open for them..

All the people who’d been in my life and also now who are present.. i just love them.. i mean my friendship’s always meaningless, irrespective of colour, creed or race..

Yup… By God..

Now here it comes the my friends circle..

Most loyal friends but not of your understanding.. :/

May be you people call me stupid, egoist or whatever but tbh its true.. i got the most loyal people and am also loyal to them as anyone can..

But the biggest enigma is that am not able to share my anything with anyone..

Everyone just start judging me but not try to understand what actually i mean..

This is what.. makes me sad and feel alone to just keep my secrets in me..

It means




Much sad it is.. but i only share thats true..

Ok… will meet with a new blog..

You people always live in the moment..

Enjoy your friends circle..