Being M.E.D.I.O.C.R.E

Middle class is the community of society which had never been defined properly”

You can say it as “WORKING CLASS” it is also known as “BOURGEOISIE”

Before moving towards the Middle Class, let me share some facts and figures with you;

Pakistan’s population is 207,774,000 (2017 national census) reported by “Pakistan Demographic Profile 2018” with a growth rate of 1.43% and Pakistan is the 18th largest Middle Class country in the whole world according to “The Express Tribune” and the Educational expenditure is 2.7% GDP

The reason of sharing all these facts is to make you aware from the current condition of Pakistan.

We generally classified our society into three classes;

  • Elite Class
  • Middle Clasd
  • Lower Class

Elite Class is the ultra rich class of the society which(in Pak.) mainly comprises Politicians, bureaucrats and business class. The approach of this class is right towards the accumulation of Wealth and to explore new ways to make Money. This class isn’t much awared of “ups and downs of financial life” generally. (To whom it may concern)

Lower class refers to the extra poor people with less resources. This class in general always worries about the “food”. The members of this class just pass the jam!

Here we come to the actual topic “being mediocre”. I am also a mediocre and is from “lower middle class”. I’ll try to figure out the major facts about this class. First of all am going to share some “perks of being mediocre”.

Lower Middle Class people specifically and the two other subclasses of this class always tryna make their living happy just by enjoying the little moments. They made themselves enjoy the possible falicities with the resources they’ve. This class isn’t much concerned about the formalities of being “classical”. The lower middle class people adopt kinda ways that they can manage to adjust both in other two classes. Having nice places, clothes and manage to enjoy the festivities, earn enough money to pay the bills and educational expenses and some other responsibilities and thats it.

Lower middle class people can both enjoy at “pearl continental” or and some local “Burger point”. They can buy their outfits either from “Malls” or some local “bazzar” shops. Actually they probably adjust in the environment they’re set in. Their kids may go to some “convent school” or eithet the “government school”. They aren’t manage anything so specifically. They can travel through either by “1200 CC” or by local transport e.g “Rickshaw”. They can either visit “Specialized physician” or some “trust hospitals”.

Now lets talk about some Drawbacks of being mediocre which I actually want to discuss;

In my oppinion the major drawback of being mediocre is to get into “Complex” specifically “financially” and generally in any aspect. The mediocres got inspired way more quickly than other two classes. For example, A teenager of 16 or 17 may studies in a well known costly institute on the base of scholrship. But there s(he) is sorrounded by the people who have much better resources for life. Kinda fellows made him/her fall into complex and depression unknowingly by their outfits,hangouts, vehicles and pocket money etc. S(he) started comparing his/her(self) with others which results in some psychological problems.

The other problem which is way a big deal for middle class people is “struggle”. They struggle alot but 9/10 people don’t get the fruitful returns. The parents have a low income to raise a big family, pay bills, educational expenses and many more. They got troubled to manage this all in kinda income. So it’ll results in depression, anxiety and restlessness which can change the whole home’s environment. Morever the scenario of being “conservative” happens alot as many of my friends and me myself complaints about it alot. Does it seem like “Why i am relating class with thinking“. It matters alot actually. The parents are insecured by their children safety. Insecure about their females and much more. We work so hardly but our family won’t allows us to have a professional life as a girl and thats so discouraging. We want this scenario to get changed.

Also there is a long list which will never gonna end but concluding here that

Being mediocre isn’ an easy task, you’ve to ignore many of the feelings built in yours”

Believe me….. i can understand what you all want….

You people want to be get

understand by others..

You want to always be full of confidence

Confess it…!!

When they wanted to be with you,they’ld do anything to keep you..

In the hustle and bustle of life,they’ll hold your hand strongly in order to keep you with them in such rush of daily routine…

They’ll provide you the shoulder when you cry..They’ll be your pillow when you want a sound sleep..They’ll be your tea when you want to be strengthful..

I mean they’ll be yours in all the possible ways.

So why don’t you make efforts to also keep them in your life?

Just tell them that “YOU LOVE THEM”


Your heart is the best thing that you carry…

A piece of messy flesh?

Now its your everything…!

Everything man….!!!!

Its the room in which at the same time you’re saving lies and the tears are rolling over your cheeks…isn’t it?

Yeah..absolutely it is..

As a matter of fact, its not only our organ but its our secret box where all of our secrets are hidden, where all of our anger, happiness,anxiety and rest of feelings stay….

Its not your chuddy buddy but all time your listener,your mate, your advisor,your protector ..

It is always with you man.. no matter how much you’re sad or happy or under any of the kinda feelings..

So don’t always lament over the misseries that you face in you’re life because it is the only one who is with you in your ups and downs.. Not even Brain is with us in many circumstances but the Heart really really do that …

So find some time to listen to your HEART…